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In Central Australia, in the southern part of the so-called Northern Territory, there is stone mountain ULURU, the largest stone monolith in the world and the largest sacred place of the Aboriginals, the only true indigenous inhabitants of Australia. That hill, that Uluru, like a chameleon, depending on the time of the day, changes color. In the morning it takes on the color of orange, later changing to the color of iron oxide, and in the twilight to a spectacular glowing red mass. Aboriginal paintings and drawings that were created for hundreds, if not thousands of years, which skewed plate and caves of Uluru “caught” that magnificent scarlet spectrum of colors that change at this amazing hill – Neolithic.

How wonderful are Aboriginal paintings, that beauty has no parallel in the entire world of naive painting. Some of that beauty is found in the academic painting of our dear Alisa, that at unknown roads of the Balkan horrors, like Alice from a fairy tale, found herself in Wonderland in Australia. Living in Australia she has graduated to the title of master of design and lithography, and become acquainted with the painting of the Aborigines, she loved it and in one stage of her creativity somewhat emulated it. Thus was created a sizable cycle of its beautiful images titled UNKNOWN ROADS; a bit figurative, and much, much more expressive, impressive and as red as a mountain of Uluru as a burning fiery mass at the time of the formation of a heliocentric system of the world. That is a creative ardor of Alisa, it’s like a person is burning and warms the whole world. Thus Alisa warms our souls. Aborigines paint with ash and carbon, Alisa paints with the fire of her soul. When someone comes to visit Aboriginal people greet him with” Pukulpa pitjama Ananguku Ngurakutu “, in one of their languages it means: “Welcome to the Aboriginal land!”

I am stealing their welcome: ” Pukulpa pitjama Ananguku Ngurakutu “. Welcome to Alice’s exhibition !!!

Vehid Gunic